Still you

Every time i saw your face  on facebook,the feeling i felt from the past still very fresh….this man was my first love and everything….i cheated on him thats why we broke up…it was my fault and i deserved to feel this pain now…i still love him just like the saying first love never dies…the feeling never dies…sometimes i blame myself why we parted ways but its reality  i have to face that were not really meant to be..loving him is a lesson to learn…to you please do care and be happy …your a good man you deserve to be happy

I love you

Back on the day when we first met it was the day that i thought you would be the man that could save me every time I’m hurt  and fall.  It was the best feeling cos i knew i will be happy whenever im with you,but those butterflies i felt in my tummy was suddenly gone when you left me broken. I cried whole night in a whole week,it was difficult for me to moved on cos u give me such expectation that i can be loved. You found the one for you but you left me your blood inside in my belly. That time i cursed the world for being so cruel,that i just faithfully in loved but  in return i went home nothing. Years past and i almost forgot about him that i am slightly moved on but the bond of being the father of my son will never be untie and thats the reason why i am not able to move forward cos everytime i saw him the pain still fresh and the wound never heals. We really couldn’t stop the destiny even if if that person hurt you many times if your meant to be then be it….and now im married to that man,the man who hurt me a lot of times but  its my destiny and i love him…..i love him cos his my husband,his the father of my kids and his the one that god send me to be my strength,my lessons my life..   

Reality of True Love

Marriage is not define the true meaning of love. It maybe sacred like what has been written in the bible,but sacred does not mean that its love. I am married to a man that i thought his my destiny and the one that i love. This man causes me so much pain,my insecurities,my frustration, we been 2 years in relationship before we got married and that years was the worst memories i had in my life. His the reasons of my tears every night,he keep hurting me all over again not physically but emotionally,until i met someone who made me so special,treated me like princess,who cried for me when i almost give up,who raised me up when i couldn’t able to stand up again,and i really fell in love to this man  but destiny falls us apart. I had to make a wise decisions for the sake of my kids  i want them to have a perfect family. So i need to marry the man who caused me so much pain just for my kids and let go the man that i truly love and love me the most of who i am. And that decisions change everything,left me nothing,take away my happiness,and endure for my longing to him. And one thing i just realized even though how many times you got hurt and fall that pain made me more stronger and even more stronger,but destiny will really made a way if love comes in a wrong time and place then its not really for you though how you love each other.


i love him but i love you…he thinks of me but i think  of you more each day…i fell sorry for him and i fell more sorry for you…my souls belong to him and my hearts belong to you..

whats on my mind

I really cant sleep right now its 2:54 am and still my eyes are wide open….In this case its better to stay put in my bed and think of so many things….just like recalling the past,facing the present,and planning the future,talking about my past well it was quiet adventurous,challenging more failures,more on stupidity and reckless. Well i will tell u the truth im not born rich but were not vey poor we ate 3 times a day maybe it would be consider as an average.I didnt finish my college not because i failed my grades but because     i was being influenced by my rich classmates  and pretnd to be one of them so all the money that supposed to be for my tuition fees was wasted and spend it for shopping…see how stupid i am…so i stopped  and stayed at home for two years doing all the chores…second attempt of schooling was great i had high grades,my parents begun to think that i had really change  and i did belib it too…but all those believes was gone when i fell in love to a guy who have become my husband now…again i stopped from my studies and stay home again and thay time i was pregnant…my parents are very disapointed but they still very caring and loving me even more…and my relationship with my husband was not easy.but destiny binds as both we got married own a house and hving 2 kids already…despite all those failure i cant tell i have become responsible mother and a wife…i thought ill always be a failure but then its not the education that could open my eyes to realization its my family….

my blog

hi everyone im rema cepada bringuelo,23 years of age and a mother of two kids…..My life is a great adventure i fall so many times yet remain standing at the end of the day..My kids are my strength my life and my forever,i often go to church but deep inside i never forget to mentioned jehova in my prayers,i know his the only one who understand me sincerely and deeply not like my fake friend who just smiled at front but killed me at my back…